Wyoming Students are the Best in the West

Wyoming students outperformed peers in neighboring states and across the nation, as evidenced by both the 2019 Quality Counts Report and this year's NAEP Scores.  

See why Wyoming is ranked 6th in the nation.

Learn more about the subjects in which Wyoming students are excelling—and far outperforming national averages. 

Once again, we’re reminded that dedicated educators, committed constituents, and consistent advocacy for education in Wyoming is paying off. In prioritizing education, Wyoming ensures that our students enjoy equitability and opportunity as they prepare for their futures.


Wyoming students consistently rank as the best in the West, outperforming peers in neighboring states and across the nation. Ultimately, their exceptional performance is indicative of the effectiveness of Wyoming’s education funding model and the importance of continuing to provide ample and equal opportunity for Wyoming students.


As evidenced by the 2019 NAEP scores, Wyoming’s investment in our students is paying off. But, we cannot rest on our laurels, and we cannot penalize our students’ excellence by becoming complacent about school funding. We face a major battle to keep and improve funding in the next session. We must continue to prioritize education funding and work together to convey to legislators that Wyoming values excellent student achievement and fully supports our schoolchildren.